I recently received a direct mail piece from the Crescent Bluffs Hotel and it was SO good, I just had to share it with you.  The mailer arrived at my office, hand-addressed and not pre-sorted in a 5×7-inch manilla envelope.  I opened it as I headed back up stairs and was shocked to see a hand-written note to me on a bar napkin along with a hotel room key.  Was I being propositioned from the most marketing-sophisticated ‘escort service’ in town?  Did I follow it down the rabbit hole?

You bet I did!

On the bar napkin was the web address, — a cleaver URL to a micro-site or landing page  (presumably for tracking).  Turns out the campaign wasn’t from some new hotel, but from another digital agency, VLG.  “They got me…” I admitted to myself.

Not that I’m in the habit of promoting (much less complementing) JDM’s competition, but they did manage to draw me in and elicit the reaction they were going for.  Bravo, VLG!  We’ll get you guys next time.

Ann Kennedy, 06/27/2012

I was hood-winked myself today….. Very clever. And if VLG is listening for mentions in the social space, I hope you hear my positive sentiments and golf clap of kudos to you!

Justin Downey, 06/27/2012

I wonder if they’re even listening. We also gave them a gentleman’s nod via twitter, facebook and (obviously) here on our blog… Crickets.

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