New Google Algorithm; Marketers Shake Fists

I’d take the 130+ angry comments on Search Engine Land’s article on Google’s new Anti-Spam algorithm as an indication that search marketers are getting pretty frustrated. It was a change that many search marketers had hoped for but are now saying low-quality sites continue doing well in Google’s search rankings, and sometimes even having better visibility than before Google’s anti-webspam changes.  According to a “preview” list of winners and losers from SearchMetrics, many of us were left shaking our fists.

As an example, Matt McGee, from Marketing Land’s Executive News Editor asked the following:

  • is a loser, but is a winner? What’s the difference?
  • is a loser, but is a winner? (ditto previous question)
  • is a loser? These are all losers?!

“It’s enough to leave any search marketer wondering what Google is actually doing in the name of fighting web spam.” says McGee.

Search Engine Land seems to be all over this one. I’d keep a close eye on this growing issue.

Justin, 05/16/2012

Search Engine Land reached out to Google about the new over-optimization penalty but Google gave them the cold shoulder. We’ll keep our ears to the ground. Cutts is due to speak during the “You&A With Matt” session at the SMX Advanced show in Seattle this June. If there’s anything interesting said, we’ll comment it here.

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