Just a week ago, got a much needed redesign.  The revision comes as a response to their own internal research that found literally thousands of pages becoming useless to customers and a bloated navigation.  With the new look & feel, PayPal has dramatically cut down the number of pages offered and  focused on what really matters to their over 40 million customers world wide. 

No, it’s not your imagination.  PayPal just got a little prettier this week after months of research, design and development.  Although JDM had nothing to do with the new look, we can absolutely understand the challenges involved with such a redesign.

“Our old site focused more on the products and less on the way that our customers wanted to use our products” explains Vikas Bhatia, Senior Director at PayPal in a blog post this week.  “As part of this renewed focus on the customer, we are making the login process as easy and intuitive as possible and have reworked the overall navigation of the site to ensure users can get to what they want quickly. ”

The PayPal facelift signals (hopefully) to other businesses that good isn’t good enough.  Sometimes you have to take a long, hard look at your site and call in the experts — your customers.

Justin, 07/04/2012

We should mention the redesign is limited to the public side of the site. Log in and it’s the same old PayPal.

Think they’ll redo the admin to match?

Justin Downey, 05/29/2014

Oddly, the redesign is STILL only on the public side of the site.

Justin, 07/03/2014

I just noticed today that PayPal finally updated their backend. Funny enough, so did we… ;)

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