Just in time for the holidays, a new version of WordPress has been released.  WordPress 3.5, nicknamed “Elvin”, sports some really cool features.  More importantly, it offers security patches to prevent malicious code insertion.  For a limited time, JDM is offering a flat-rate special for upgrading our clients’ WordPress website. 

If you’re thinking nobody would want to hack your site, think again.  Just yesterday, my sweet mother’s little portfolio website got hacked.  How did they break in?  They exploited security vulnerabilities only recently discovered in older versions of the WordPress core.  The fix?  Upgrade WordPress.  The new version 3.5 comes with all the security patches for these vulnerabilities.

JDM is offering a 1-time, flat-rate price of $250* for us to perform the upgrade.
All you have to do is ask.

Besides the security and bug fixes, 3.5 also comes with a totally rewritten media library making uploading and managing images and documents easier than ever.  Here’s a little video on the new WordPress 3.5 and all the weird and wonderful things it comes with.

* PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade offer is valid until 01.05.13.  Only applicable to current JDM clients utilizing a WordPress website JDM built.  Websites NOT produced by JDM are not eligible for this offer.  No idea if you qualify?  Just contact us, and we’ll take a look.


Jenee, 01/22/2013

I REALLY like the new media manager. I see what they mean when they say it’s TOTALLY rewritten.

I should mention I’ve seen it’s not as backwards compatible as I would like, but that’s just why you must always backup before you upgrade.

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