We’re proud to announce that today is JDM’s 6-year incorporation anniversary.  Yes, I know it’s Valentine’s day.  That was not on purpose. It’s just how it happened…

So far 2013 is off to a great start. We hired a copywriter (finally). We’ve taken on a bunch of new clients (kisses you guys). And to top all that, I just signed the paperwork to begin construction on JDM’s new agency diggs. More on that a little later.

Happy birthday, JDM!

Marlan, 02/21/2013

Is the company having a party for its … hexaversary? Congratulations!

Justin, 02/21/2013

JDM’s official anniversary is on Valentine’s day. So, no. We didn’t.

I know better than to keep people from their significant others… ;)

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