JDM’s always been big fans of Google Adwords for both B2C and B2B online advertising.  Just today, we received about 20 coupons for $100 Google Adwords credit when you spend $25 or more.

[box type=”alert”]Offer ended 02.28.13. Sorry.[/box]

As part of our affiliation with Google through their Engage for Agencies program, JDM receives offers like this all the time.

As I’m in a giving mood, we’ll send you an Adwords coupon number for free.  All you have to do is ask (select “Adwords Offer” from the drop-down).  No follow-up call.  No meeting.  No obligation.

Consider it a thank you for being a Shameless News blog reader ;).

sushil sharma, 02/20/2013

Please give me adword coupon give me answer Quick

Justin Downey, 02/20/2013

Um, ok @Sushil. Just complete the form at: and select “Adwords Offer” from the regarding drop-down. You’ll have it in 24 hours or less.

Justin Downey, 02/20/2013

Has anyone who has received a coupon code had any trouble using it? BTW, the coupons expire in 8 days. Better hurry.

nsk, 02/23/2013

any code for India?

Jenee, 02/27/2013

Times up! Google Adwords offer is now invalid. Thanks for being a Shameless News reader. I’m sure we’ll do this again soon.

Justin Downey, 03/04/2013

The offer ended February 28th. Sorry, there are no more Adwords coupon codes.

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