Along with thousands of other loyal LogMeIn free users, we just got an email notifying us they will be limiting all LogMeIn free accounts to just 10 computers.

In a rather nonchalant blog post, the remote administration provider highlights the change:

In order to ensure that we can continue to [blah, blah, blah], we will be limiting the number of computers a user can access free of charge to 10. Any computers that exist beyond the 10 computer, free-only limit will not be remotely accessible unless the free account is upgraded to Central.

For those that don’t already know, LogMeIn Central costs $300 per year.

Now, let’s face facts. We don’t really have a right to complain. For more than a decade, the product has been free and provided reliable remote access features to small businesses all over the world.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to get a little upset about the change.  Kevin Costain says what we’re all thinking on his blog post titled: “Logmein Delivers Knockout Blow to its Free Users.”  Here’s an excerpt:

It’s time to move on. Now is the time to look for other alternatives (of which there are a few). Logmein has squandered most if it’s goodwill towards users, and this should be the final straw for those that look to the company for remote access solutions. You can no longer trust them. For a company and product I have promoted and brought revenue to, this will stop.


Just to keep the gloves up, I did a little research on LogMeIn’s community forum and found this little thread rather interesting.

ejChristian wrote:
“I assume this only applies to free accounts and not a mix of free and Pro. For instance, if I have 14 computers, 7 of them free and 7 of them pro, I still have “room” for 3 additional free, correct?”

Logmein replied:
“If you currently have subscriptions of LogMeIn Pro within your account, at this time you will have the ability to have more than 10 free computers within your account.”

So, if I’m reading this correctly, all we have to do is upgrade one or two computers to Pro (costs $70/year) and the change is moot.

Maybe LogMeIn has just been too generous for too long.  Or, maybe they just pulled a Netflix.  We will see.

Matthew Williams, 03/12/2013

I was suing this ervice for ages and was happy with it being free and got lots of people interested in it. I will be moving away from it now and telling the whole world why it sucks via my youtube channel which had 900 subscribers. Perhaps logmein will rethink or start offering the serice for $50 which I would pay buit $300…. you are having a laugh! Why do people pirate Microsoft Office Professional. Same reason.

Matthew Williams, 03/12/2013

Imagine if Skype wanted to charge you $299 to have over 10 contacts. What would you say then. HMMMM! Logmein rethink this NOW!!!!!!!!

Justin, 03/12/2013

That’s an excellent point, Mathew. LogMeIn is built on a freemium model (like Skype). If they wanted tighter restrictions on the “free” tier, they should simply ADD features you have to pay for (like Skype) not REMOVE features unless you pay.

Feels less like “freemium” and more like ransom.

Arthur Allen, 06/13/2013

I also have another one called NTRadmin that has a free version. Does more than logmein does as well.

Justin Downey, 06/14/2013

Not bad, but not cross-browser compatible… Not everybody uses (or even likes) IE.

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