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Our Process is the secret sauce
and the icing on the cake.

Digital Agency Process

JDM Digital’s agency process isn’t exactly the same for all the services we offer, but it’s pretty similar. Here’s an overview of our process for the web work we do. As you’ll see, it’s designed to maximize the quality of the work and minimize required client involvement.

1. Discovery

Our process begins with the Discovery phase. In Discovery, we ask a lot of questions; technical, strategic, whatever. We provide clients with a Discovery Worksheet or two that helps us solidify our vision and formalize our goals. Don’t worry if you’re not a master communicator. We’re very good at reading between the lines.

2. Unveiling

After Discovery, we go away and get to work. Clients won’t hear from us for a few weeks while we put our heads down. When we’re ready, we’ll schedule a meeting to unveil the Living Comp. This isn’t a wireframe or even a flat PDF that “looks” vaguely like a website. This is a real website you can pull up in your browser and play with.

3. Feedback

During the unveiling, we get your at-first-glance reactions. Then, we let clients take some time to review the Living Comp in more detail and provide thoughtful feedback and changes. If we’re on the right path, we’ll continue fleshing the site out while the client takes time reviewing and offering up unlimited changes (though not unlimited revision rounds).

4. Go-Live

Once final “Go-Live” approval has been given, we begin the migration process from our staging server to the live site. During this process links and references to our staging server are programmatically updated to the new, but everything else is a perfect copy of the approved web design. Once the process is complete, we re-check everything to ensure quality (aka “Post-Live QC).

Don’t worry. We won’t leave you hanging. All our web work and (most other types of work) comes with 30 days of free Premium Support. We’re not going anywhere.

After that 30-day trial period is up, clients can purchase ongoing Premium Support for the budget-busting fee of $38 per month–or not. That’s up to you. ;)