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Price Sensitive?  We Get That.


Projects consist of a pretty flat rate based on the estimated number of hours required. Payment terms are typically 50% down and the remaining (plus or minus 10% depending on actual delivery hours) upon completion. If you’re desperate for some numbers, a typical CMS-powered website runs between $4,000 and $6,000 and takes 4-6 weeks to turnaround. Mind you, we do a LOT more than just websites.

JDM is NOT the cheapest, but our pricing is more than fair for the quality of our work.


JDM Digital’s hour-based retainers start by determining an average, reasonable number of hours a client will need over a contract term. Then, we offer an hourly rate of $100/hour (HALF our project rate). Multiply it out and we arrive at a flat, monthly retainer. Unused hours roll-over to future months. Additional hours may be borrowed from up to one month in the future or purchased at the regular hourly rate.

Let’s grab a beer before we get into too much detail.


If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of JDM Digital before, it’s because we work a LOT though a network of partner agencies. Our partners bring an intimate understanding of their client and client’s industry. We supply the strategic, technical, and creative talent and wrap it all up under our partners’ brand.

So you’ve never heard of JDM, but you’ve almost certainly seen our work.

Pro Bono

At JDM, we LOVE applying our expertise to help a good cause or organization in our community. From Habitat for Humanity to helping the disabled find treatment in the Dallas Park Cities, we think it’s just good karma. We’re always on the look out for a cause we should get involved in (non-political and non-religious).

Mind you, we don’t accept requests for free work. We’re sure you don’t either.