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Start a true rumor.

Compelling visual brands are important because they help build awareness. Awareness is not a fuzzy concept that’s impossible to measure (like love is, for example). Brand Awareness is the extent to which your brand is recognized by potential customers and drives market share. And market share is the most important goal for any company in any young market segment. Period.

JDM wouldn’t dare say we create reactions if we weren’t already branding experts.  GOOD branding is a warm blanket you wrap yourself in.  GREAT branding is one your buyers wrap themselves in.  JDM’s flavor of branding services is about achieving the latter.

JDM Digital’s Branding services include: Brand Evaluation & Analysis, Corporate Identity, Language, Tone & Nomenclature, Logo Design, Brand Iconography, Brand Standards & Style Guides.

Wait. There’s more.

JDM is a digital agency with a broad services suite–too broad to list them all and WAY too boring to read if we did.  Learn a little more about some of the other digital services we specialize in.

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