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JDM Files… Because FTP is Complex and DropBox Sucks

JDM Files

JDM Files is sort of our own version of Dropbox. We use it to make uploading, downloading and managing large files with our clients much easier than email (which has a 4-5MB limit on attachments).  It’s also a LOT easier than trying to get clients to setup and configure FTP clients.

JDM Files, like DropBox” and unlike FTP, has a nice graphic user interface.  New clients receive access credentials when they begin their account with JDM.  They may also receive “Upload Requests” from the system if there’s something we need that’s too big to email.

If you’ve never used JDM Files before, here’s a quick overview.

To Access JDM Files

Login to (you may already be logged in).

Click on “JDM Files” from the left side panel or on the “Upload Files” tile of

For security reasons, you’ll need to login again (it already knows your username–you just have to enter your password.  Your password is the same as all the other JDM sites.  Enter it in the password box and click “Login.”

Once logged in, you can select files to upload, download files we’ve uploaded for you from “My Files”, search and edit files you’ve already uploaded from “My Uploads.”

As always, you can click the logo at the top-left to return to the logged-in home page.