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We’re proud to announce the release of a super fast, mobile-first, Bootstrap v4 theme framework we’ve designed for building awesome and responsive WordPress websites.  We think of it more as a theme framework than a lowly starter theme, but read on and decide for yourself.

Preview Bootplate

We combined a working theme preview with a documentation site at which is the “parent” theme.  It’s pretty basic, and that’s intentional.   It’s designed to be extended via plugins and transformed using child themes.

Check it out at:


You’ll find we’ve actually combined classes and grid options from production-ready Bootstrap 3.3.6 and from Bootstrap 4-alpha 2. Sprinkle on a little performance work and some WordPress best practices, and you’ll find Bootplate could be your go-to for all Bootstrap-based WordPress theme design projects.

About the Project

Building even totally custom WordPress themes (as we do) involves a lot of repetition. There are certain templates you just end up re-creating again and again. Worse, you end up using a lot of the same functions helping your new theme play well with WordPress.

The original vision for Bootplate was simple.

  • Use WordPress themeing best practices
  • Extend via Plugins (not theme-specific)
  • Customize using vanilla CSS (with some helpful stuff already there)
  • Keep it supported using GitHub Updater
  • Build for Bootstrap v4 Alpha 2, with fallbacks and custom CSS for Bootstrap 3.3.x
  • Make it mobile-first, and wicked-fast to load
  • No Branding (at least not ours)
  • Free and open source

The web design nerds around JDM HQ essentially built Bootplate for ourselves to re-use, test and extend.  Once we got it pretty much there, we threw a little party.   After a few too many beers, we decided to offer the master code base up on GitHub (and eventually on for the world to download and use for free.

Was that a great idea?  You tell us.

The Future is in BETA

All-in we spent 15 days writing code for 25 commits and 13,823 lines of code.  No small feat given we’re doing this in our “free time.”  Now that v0.6-alpha 2 has been released, we’re already looking forward to v0.7-beta just around the corner.

Can you tell we’re just having too much fun?!