A simple web app for creating Google Analytics campaign tracking links and shortening them with Bitly.

What is Cliqued?

Cliqued is a simple (looking) web app for easily creating Bitly URLs that include parameters tracked in Google Analytics Custom Campaigns.

We're looking to add other shortening services too, like

Getting Started

Once you've downloaded the ZIP of this repo, navigate to the file in app/settings.php to get started.

The first thing you'll want to descide on which URL shortening service you want to use. As of version 0.2, you can only choose "demo" or "bitly." Others will be coming, but you'll want to use Bitly.

Get the Keys

First off, you'll need to get your Bitly API Login and Key to use Bitly as your URL shortening service.

  1. Create a Bitly account (if you haven't already)
  2. Login to Bitly
  3. Click the Hamburger Menu
  4. Click Settings, then Advanced Settings, then API Support
  5. There, you can create or get your API Login and API Key

Bitly API Screenshot

Edit the Settings

Next up, we'll want to make changes and updates to the web app settings file. You guessed it, these are made in the file, app/settings.php.

  1. Open settings.php in your favorite editor.
  2. Change define("DEMO", true); to define("DEMO", false);
  3. Change define("BITLY", false); to define("BITLY", true);
  4. Paste your Bitly API login into define("API_USER", "your bitly user name"); (the bold part)
  5. Paste your Bitly API key into define("API_KEY", "your bitly api key"); (the bold part)
  6. Leave the thing about API_URL alone.

Navigate to the web app and give it a go.

Other Settings

You can also change the name of the app, the version, and the GitHub repo/branch in settings.php, if you're into that sort of thing.

Details on GitHub

For more information or to submit an issue/feature request, see the GitHub repo.