Ending a 6 year relationship can be hard, especially when there’s history. In the case of Internet Explorer 8, however, it’s more like Stockholm Syndrome, and we need to snap out of it.

Tomorrow, March 19th, it’ll have been 6 years since IE8 came on the scene. Prepacked into Windows, the browser quickly gained market share (because average people didn’t know any better).  For whatever reason, Internet Explorer 8 recently increased in browser share, which is a real kick in the teeth for any webhead.  The sooner web developers stop supporting browsers their designer (Microsoft) doesn’t even support, the sooner we can all make the web a more beautiful place.

To that end, our digital agency friends at Humaan recently launched a microsite called BreakUpWithIE8. The tongue-and-cheek site goes to show how digital agency side-projects have real value.

Recent IE8 breakup tweets include:

Look… I was only using you to get to Firefox.

You weren’t very supportive when I wanted to try SVG.

I’m sorry, but you’re just not up to my standards any more.

I’m breaking up with you because you don’t even recognize our :first-child.

I’m sorry, I was drunk. I meant to hit on Chrome.

And perhaps my personal favorite.

Honestly, you’ve been dead to me for years. Just hoping no-one would notice I wasn’t supporting you.

I realize that only web designers will find these funny.

A stumble down memory lane


Your Turn

Mind you, none of this is really all that new or newsworthy. JDM completely dropped IE6 support 4 years ago. We’ve made a case for why FireFox should be your default browser. We’ve even discussed the history of IE’s ill-conceived Compatibility Mode on JDM Labs.

So, we’ve done our part. Now it’s your turn. #breakupwithIE8.


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