Google has just announced Webmaster Tools integration with Google Analytics is now available to everyone.   The trouble with the announcement is, they don’t tell you how the hell to link them!

What linking Analytics with Webmasters gets you

Once linked, you can find the new reports under the “traffic sources” >> “search engine optimization” section of the new version of Google Analytics (click the featured image above for a screenshot). The new SEO reports include:

  • Queries: impressions, clicks, position, and CTR info for the top 1,000 queries
  • Landing Pages: impressions, clicks, position, and CTR info for the top 1,000
  • Geographical Summary: impressions, clicks, and CTR by country

To enable the “Search Engine Optimization” reports for your web property, you must be both a Webmaster Tools verified site owner and a Google Analytics administrator of that Property. Once enabled, administrators can choose which profiles can see these reports.

Not sure what all this means?  Check out our Ethical SEO Best Practices article (no registration required).

How to link Webmaster Tools with Analytics

The trouble with Google’s announcement is that they don’t tell you HOW to link the accounts.  After a lot of troubleshooting, here’s the process we figured out.

  1. Log into Google Analytics (
  2. Make sure you’re using the ‘new version’ of Google Analytics
  3. Select your web analytics property
  4. Click the setting gear on the far right
  5. Select the “Web Property Settings” tab
  6. Under “Webmaster Tool Settings” (at the bottom) click “Edit
  7. Select the Webmaster Tools property you want to link
  8. Click “Save” at the bottom
  9. Click “Apply” back in Google Analytics

Now when you’re looking at your Google Analytics, you’ll see “Search Engine Optimization” under your reports.  Might also be a good widget to add to your dashboard, but that’s optional.

Comment your questions below.  Happy optimizing!

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