JDM Digital is an award-winning Dallas digital agency specializing in web design and development. We’re process-oriented, opinionated, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because we’re a smaller digital agency, we have to be a bit selective with whom we work.

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We come from a consultive (not transactional) place. Our approach takes the latest research on user experience, behavior, and trends then combines it with hard data to predict a success. We look closely at your goals, audience, the reactions you’re looking to elicit, your budget, and your timeframe. Then, we get to work.



The secret sauce is our process. It all begins with us shutting up and listening. We ask a lot of questions during Discovery and then get to work. When we come back, you’ll find the work much more fleshed-out and thoughtful than you might think possible. That means faster, higher-quality work.

Our Process

How we roll


The best talent out there isn’t at the biggest agencies. It’s in the small shops where we have the freedom to take pride in every line of code, color, and serif.

Rapid prototyping

We’ve refined our design and development process to allow us go from requirements to working prototype faster than most think is possible.

No outsourcing

There is no middle management here. No project managers. No account execs. When you’re working with us, you’re working with the do-ers combining our talents to produce the very best results.

For the love

JDM Digital is privately-held, single-owner, and debt-free. That means we don’t have any unrealistic profit expectations. What we do, we do with pride, for the love of the work.


Good Company

After more than a decade in business, we've worked with some killer clients. You're in good company.

Wild Well Control
Compdata Surveys
Foundation Energy Company
Main Street Capital
Novo Nordisk
OptTek Systems
US Dataworks
Roxanna Oil Company
Houston TexChange
YDL Dental
Car Show Radar

Trophy Room

Here are a few of our proudest awards and accolates.

CSS Design Awards
Top 100 B2B Blogs
Dallas Award Program
SBCA Awards
FWA Awards
CSS Winner