WordPress Version 4.2, named for jazz musician Bud Powell, has been released.  The latest version of the world’s most popular open source CMS comes with a ton of bug fixes, but also a few of the tried and true features have been completely revamped.

Quick Video Demo of WordPress 4.2


As you may have noticed, the updates in this version are pretty minimal for the average user.  We almost never use “Press This” and the plugin update screen never bothered us.

wp42-update-nagThat said, there’s every reason to upgrade to the latest version–though this update isn’t as sexy as ones with new features or a revamped UI as seen in earlier updates.

From important security patches to small bug fixes, there’s no reason not to upgrade.  Go ahead.  Backup WordPress and click the update nag.


For our fellow web nerds out there, we highly recommend you review the depreciated functions list in the changelog to make sure the upgrade won’t effect any old plugins or themes you’ve built.

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