To put it bluntly, if you build a site for everyone, it will appeal to no one.  You have to know thy audience and speak to them (specifically) with every layout,  font and color choice.

In the discovery phase of almost every project we complete, we ask clients, “Who is your target audience?”  More often than I care to mention, we get a long list of diverse people.   When we follow that up with, “Ok, so who’s the most important group?”, the answer is often, “All of them.”  sigh…

Your Website is NOT All About You

Everybody wants their website to appeal to them and their colleagues.  However, a surprising number of clients ignore their audience entirely.

A website should not pander to the preferences of the staff, but rather the target audience.  Far too many spectacular web designs are rejected because the boss, “doesn’t like blue.”

Find your target audience.  Allow your design and development team to build you a site that speaks directly to that audience though every word, layout,  font and color choice.

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