AMP for WordPress Now Supports Pages

The AMP for WordPress plugin adds support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, a Google open source initiative to provide mobile-optimized content that loads nearly instantly everywhere.

Earlier versions of the plugin (see the review here) only enabled AMP for WordPress Posts.  After much debate, this latest version of the plugin now adds support for WordPress Pages as well as Custom Post Types.  WordPress AMP lovers rejoice!

AMP for WordPress Plugin Changelog
AMP for WordPress v0.6.0 Plugin Changelog

If you’re not familiar with this whole “AMP” stuff, please read this primer first.

The New Setup

Once you’ve updated the AMP for WordPress plugin, head over to AMP >> General to update the settings.  You’ll find you’re now able to select “Pages” as well as any custom post types you might be using.  In JDM Digital’s setup, we have a custom post type called “Work” which houses our portfolio.

AMP for WordPress General Settings

Even after you’ve selected at least “Pages” from these settings, you’re not quite done yet.  The plugin defaults to AMP: Disabled for pages.  You have to enable them individually on a page-by-page basis.  I wish this was possible via the bulk editor, but it’s not that hard and it forces us to make sure each of these pages look awesome in their AMP form.

Enable AMP for WordPress Pages

Once enabled, click Update and check out the page.

No difference?!  That’s cool.  In this new version, you have to append the query string ?amp to see the AMPed version of your page.

So if your page was, go to to see the AMPed version in your browser.

Let’s Validate

Everything should be good to go already, but you’ll want to make sure your AMP pages validate.  Thankfully, Google has a free AMP Validator you can use to both validate and submit the AMP version of your pages to Google’s lightening-fast AMP cache.

Paste the regular URL of your page into Google’s AMP Validator:

It’s a good idea to use the regular, non-AMP URL.  You’ll see why in a moment.

AMP Validation

Great! This means the <link rel="amphtml"> tag has been added to your <head> and is working as it should.  Now, let’s click Test Linked AMP.

Valid AMP Page

Bravo! You can now click Submit to Google, or preview how this might now look in search results.

Other Changes in v0.6

Before I leave you, let’s talk a little about some of the other changes in v0.6 of the AMP for WordPress plugin.

Template Structure Changes

Perhaps most importantly, if you’ve done some heavy customization to your AMP templates, you’ll want to redo those.  Version 0.6 has completely redone the template system to split-up the different templates.  Looking at the discussions on the plugin’s GitHub repo, this appears to be a change they’re going to stick with.  So, let’s get with the program.

First off, let’s look at these new templates.  You’ll find them in the plugin at: /wp-content/plugins/amp/templates/

Looking at those, you’ll see they’ve changed the template structure.  No problem.  Copy all or some of those files into a /amp/ subdirectory in your custom theme.  These templates in your theme will overwrite those that came with the plugin.

The new template structure looks something like this for WordPress pages (uses /templates/page.php):

page.php OR single.php

You can edit the AMP CSS file to your heart’s content.  It’s located in /templates/style.php.

The new template structure looks fairly self-explanatory and vaguely similar to how WordPress typically handles theme template structure.

If that last sentence just made your brain bleed, ask us questions below in comments, or better yet, contact us.

No Glue Needed

We’ve recommended using the plugin, Glue, if you’re using both this plugin and WordPress SEO.  You don’t need them both any more and, for the time being, Glue will prevent your AMPed Pages from displaying.  So, just deactivate the Glue plugin and you’re good to go.

Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP

Don’t worry, v0.6 also comes with much better structured data, which is what Glue was fixing anyway.

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