JDM Digital is proud to announce the (soft) launch of a new marketing research platform, Cometrics.  More than just another web 2.0 “blog”, Cometrics features contributed marketing research metrics that are independently community reviewed.

A design and development project for the JDM Labs team, Cometrics is a response to the overwhelming amount of marketing “best practices” blogs and resources that never actually cite the source for the grandiose claims they make.

How many times have you read an article about how SEO is the most critical thing in the world by (guess who) an SEO firm?  All the time, right.

Anybody can contribute research to Cometrics (though not all get in),” explains JDM President, Justin Downey.  “Those that do are reviewed by the community.  The good stuff bubbles to the surface, while the not-so-good drops like a rock.”

The site sports some pretty cutting-edge web technology, including:

  • An iOS Web App function
  • A fully-responsive layout based on Twitter bootstrap
  • 5-star article rating system
  • Minimal, unobtrusive and relevant ads
  • Online survey functionality for primary research
  • User registration and management system
  • A learning-based search algorithm
  • Plus lots ‘o Ajax-ified goodness

Still in BETA, Cometrics will rely heavily on early adopters and a handful of ‘ground floor’ sponsors to hit saturation.  For now, we’re just glad we don’t have to listen to made-up marketing statistics any more.

Check out Cometrics.co on your iPhone or iPad and let us know what you think in comments.

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