We’re proud to announce our work on the jHost website has been nominated for Website of the Day (WOTD) by the CSS Design Awards.   The website is now appearing in the Nominees gallery along with other world class websites.


The CSSDA judges awarded our work on jHost a score between 1 – 10 in the areas of creative design, code & functionality, and usability & content.  View the jHost nomination to see how we did.  Over the next 6 or 7  days the total score will be weighed against the total scores from other nominees’ websites with the highest scoring site awarded WOTD (Website Of The Day).

Read the full announcement on jHost News.

If awarded WOTD, it will automatically be nominated for both WOTM (Website Of The Month) and WOTY (Website Of The Year), their highest, industry-recognized accolades.

“We’re flattered for this nomination and humbled by the caliber of our competition featured by the CSSDA .” Remarked Justin Downey, President of jHost and JDM Digital. “But nominations ain’t awards. I’d love to win the whole shebang!”

In the meantime, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and our heads down.  We’re just getting warmed up!

About jHost

jHost, which is a separate company from JDM Digital, provides semi-dedicated, business-class web hosting that’s up to 40% faster than other website hosting providers.  Learn more about jHost’s performance and independent speed tests that backup that claim.

What makes jHost so fast? Two things: an integrated CDN as well as a semi-dedicated hosting environment.

Those two things add up to something that’s just not offered by the “big name” web hosts like GoDaddy and 1&1.  They offer VPS (or Virtual Private Server) hosting, but that’s triple the cost of jHost and they offer “Shared” hosting, but that’s too slow.  They also offer CDNs, but you have to set them up manually.

jHost seamlessly integrates with MaxCDN and offers “Semi-Dedicated” hosting which is a blend between VPS (fast, but expensive) and Shared (slow, but cheap).

About the Work

From Branding to web design and eCommerce to server configurations, JDM Digital provided the design and consulting services needed to get jHost off the ground.

The main website features flat, responsive web design using a simple full-width layout and fixed navigation.  There are also content portals, such as the News and Feedback sites that are powered by WordPress.  The support, client account management, and billing portal (https://jhost.co/my/) is a customized version of ClientExec that integrates seamlessly with cPanel for instant provisioning and management as well as with PayPal Pro for credit card processing.

Across ALL these separate systems, JDM Digital’s team of web designers and developer nerds created a seamless and consistent user experience all wrapped in jHost’s no-nonsense brand that lives up to their tagline: “Just Fast Web Hosting.”


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