A lot of people think that designers charge too much money for something just to “look pretty.”   Being a designer is very different from being an artist and the two are often confused.  Let me explain.

So who do you look for when you need a website for your business? You don’t want to pay an outrageous fee for something you don’t know if it will generate business, but you don’t want your business to look unprofessional. You are left with the questions: Can my website sell my product/service? Will it convey the integrity and expertise of my business?

A designer can be your best friend when it comes to the Branding of your business. Designers are trained to think about all of these different aspects and keep them in the front of our mind when creating anything, from a logo to a website. We create for others. We develop products based on ideas brought forth by the client and implement techniques, ideals and principles to create a piece that achieves their marketing objectives whether they are generating new sales leads or promoting a new service offering.

As the Creative Director for JDM, the idea of form versus function is always prevalent in my mind. I find beauty in the way a final product functions perfectly and smoothly, at the same time keeping aesthetic appeal. My artistic nature has benefited me greatly as a designer. I use artistic influences throughout my work by sketching preliminary ideas, using my background in color theory, alluding to great painters and artists in color palettes or styles, and utilizing my eye for great composition. My creative work is designed with the client and their business in mind and how it would most effectively be represented graphically.

Artists, on the other hand, create for themselves to elicit a response from others. The work produced is fueled by emotions, moods, or other personal inspirations. Designers can be fueled by these things, but use them to convey the concept originally presented by the client.

If you’re looking to brand your business, utilize a professional creative designer rather than a freelance artist. You will end up with a product that more accurately represents your business than the artist’s ego.

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