JDM is making a call for summer interns as part of our 2012 Summer Internship program.  The program has two tracks (Creative & Accounts) and just two open spots.  Apply online or get all the nitty-gritty details.

This summer, JDM is offering students a chance to step inside the loopy world of a digital agency with our Summer Internship program.  The program lasts 6-8 weeks, is paid (though not very much) and allows interns the chance to complete real, client work — not busy work.

As part of the application process, Creative Track interns are asked to design a personal ad for themselves and upload it to our website. There really isn’t a creative brief for these personal ads.  Instead, we’re asking applicants to SHOW us their creativity when they don’t have all the information spelled out for them — much closer to how the real thing works, wouldn’t you say?!

Accounts Track interns are asked to write a dummy personal press release.  Obviously, we won’t actually be distributing such a press release, but it’s a way of allowing these personality types to show their creativity and personal savvy without letting their ‘art skills’ get in the way.

If you know a student you think would benefit from a summer internship at a digital agency, send him a link to the Summer Internship details.

I’m sure we’ll get a lot of questions from future JDMr’s and I encourage you to comment them below.  Other interns may have similar questions and we don’t want anyone to get an unfair advantage.

There are only two spots to fill this year.  Take a gander and apply before they’re gone.

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