JDM Projects

Email is a notoriously bad project management tool. So we created “JDM Projects” to help us manage and report on project status, feedback and estimated turnaround times. Access JDM Projects by going to projects.jdmdigital.co.

Premium Support

S%!# Happens. We Can Help.  Whether you’ve gone and deleted your entire website or simply need help adding a few features, JDM’s Premium Support includes robust, personal support service straight from the people who built your website.  Plans start at just $38 per month.  Details about JDM Digital Support here.

JDM Files

JDM Files is sort of our own version of Dropbox. We use it to make uploading, downloading and managing large files with our clients much easier than email (which has a 4-5MB limit on attachments).  It’s also a LOT easier than trying to get clients to setup and configure FTP clients.  Details about JDM Files here.

JDM Labs

JDM Labs at labs.jdmdigital.co is one of our many app-sites and features some nerdy stuff you might want to steer clear of. It also offers support information, technical demos (seeing IS believing), plugin reviews and recommendations, and handy how-tos. Details about the Lab here.

UPDATE: @since JDM10, JDM Labs is now part of the main site.  The old one is still there, but the new one includes ALL that genius in one searchable place.

JDM Genius

As a digital agency, JDM has a LOT of websites and web properties.  For each of our monthly JDM Genius newsletters, we pull the most popular (or controversial) content from our websites as well as the latest research on a given topic and a handful of exclusive offers and discounts on things like fonts, stock images, premium plugins and more and assemble it all into a responsive, easy-to-read email newsletter.  Get all the dirty details.

JDM Studios

We offer a sample of our work on this site, but for our full portfolio, head over to JDM Studios at studios.jdmdigital.co.  We think you’ll see why we prefer to let our work speak for itself.  Details about Studios here.

Website Staging

Once in a while we get someone asking us about “Run Away” or Cthulhu at the root of one of our staging servers. So, just to set the record straight, this is not a mistake. This is not some sort of hack. It’s just a staging server.


A lot of people talk about “best practices” but it’s research that drives marketing. Cometrics features a growing database of community-contributed and community-reviewed marketing metrics offered free-of-charge. Get more information.


Born out of frustration with the large hosting providers poor web server performance and a sister company to JDM, jHost offers the fastest, most affordable hosting. It’s just that simple. Who better to host your website than a web hosting company JDM helped create? Learn a little more about jHost and check out jHost.co.

Good Company

After more than a decade in business, we've worked with some killer clients. You're in good company.

Wild Well Control
Compdata Surveys
Foundation Energy Company
Main Street Capital
Novo Nordisk
OptTek Systems
US Dataworks
Roxanna Oil Company
Houston TexChange
YDL Dental
Car Show Radar

Trophy Room

Here are a few of our proudest awards and accolates.

CSS Design Awards
Top 100 B2B Blogs
Dallas Award Program
SBCA Awards
FWA Awards
CSS Winner