The B2B landscape has changed dramatically and with break-neck speed. It’s time for a new way to run the marketing operations of your business. One that’s strategic. Tech-savvy. Efficient. Results-driven. Proven.

JDM Digital starts with the big picture (in Discovery) to ensure that all of your marketing, advertising, and PR efforts are closely integrated—because if your marketing efforts aren’t working together, they’re working against you.

Then, we analyze what’s working (leave that stuff alone), what could work better or differently, and what needs to be scrapped or created.

Only after that initial analysis will you hear anything about change from us.  We’re not out to sell you stuff you don’t need.  If we determine the most efficient way for us to generate maximum results is spending 15 minutes integrating two platforms, that’s all we’ll propose.  It’s just how we roll.

Marketing services include:

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There’s more.

JDM Digital is a digital agency with a broad services suite–too broad to list them all and WAY too boring to read if we did. Learn a little more about some of the other digital services we specialize in.

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After more than a decade in business, we've worked with some killer clients. You're in good company.

Wild Well Control
Compdata Surveys
Foundation Energy Company
Main Street Capital
Novo Nordisk
OptTek Systems
US Dataworks
Roxanna Oil Company
Houston TexChange
YDL Dental
Car Show Radar

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