Foundation Energy Management

Foundation Energy is a manager of energy investments for institutional partners. The company acquires, develops and enhances domestic oil and gas properties and associated midstream assets. The company currently operates 935,000 acres of oil and gas properties in 12 states.

Since the beginning, over a decade ago, Foundation Energy has looked to JDM Digital to help position and market its services.

Since then, the organization has raised institutional investment of over $400 million. As the company entered it’s 5th round of fundraising, it was time to redesign the corporate site again. Who should take that beast on? Yup. We’re game.

Designing with Data

Beginning with an updated Brand Standards, the design team started looking at the data. Yeah, our designers are data-geeks in their own right. What came from that analysis was a list of the most critical pages on the site. Interestingly, the home page was not on that list.

Anywho, the team went about designing those most critical pages–focusing on the behavioral data we had amassed since we launched their first site way back in 2007.

As the designers worked with the developers, all sorts of weird and wonderful functionality was added to the new site along with a more streamlined wrapper allowing the site to display beautifully on any device and performing smoothly even while under heavy traffic, like during an industry trade show or after a press release has been distributed.

Foundation Energy Company Website

People Portals

In addition to all the new features of the site, we also implemented two portals to help automate as much of the “people problems” as we could.

The new “Royalty Owners Help Desk” portal gave the royalty owners a place to communicate with Foundation which set them at ease.

The “Employee Portal” became a secure location for employees to securely download the important paperwork mandated by the HR department and the state the employee was working in.

Never Finished

Our work is never truly complete. We recently launched a new child company for Foundation Energy called Foundation Renewable Energy Company, or “FREC” for short.


We're proud of the partner agencies we've forged a relationship with.

Ephor Group
Think Well Consulting
Indigo Beam

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