LitCap is an online marketplace developed to give attorneys access to litigation capital (get it, “Lit Cap”?) in order to fund litigation case costs. Unlike a bank loan, LitCap gives attorneys the flexibility to expand their business without capital constraints, and reduces the risk associated with litigation (non-recourse funding).

There are essentially two sides to the business: the application (which powers and enables the marketplace), and the marketing site (bringing those top-flight attorneys and investors together in the marketplace).

Before LitCap even got off the ground, they offered several digital agencies the chance to compete to win the design project for the application itself. We don’t typically compete for business in this way, but the design and technical challenge was too titillating to say no.

Screw it.  Let’s do this!

So, for one week, we threw the full weight of the agency at this test project. At the end of the week, we not only designed a GUI for the new application, we actually built the working HTML/CSS/JS for it.

LitCap Application

The client and their development group were so blown away by the initial design and the fact that our process allowed us to take it all the way to “working prototype” in less than a week, they signed on the dotted line the very next day.

“There was no time to really celebrate around JDM HQ,” recalls Justin Downey. “There were a lot of high-fives, but we all knew the real work was just getting started and we put our game faces on.”

Little did LitCap know, we were just getting warmed up.

Addictive Design

After a few rounds of revisions, the general look & feel of the application was nailed down. Then, we got to work on the numerous design “views” the development team needed.

With each new design solution, new challenges arose. We would address each of those challenges with new and progressively more innovative solutions. Eventually, the new application was complete. The client was thrilled. The attorneys were impressed. The investors were hungry for more.

Goin’ Fishin’

Now, the focus shifted to the marketing side of the business. We had to populate the marketplace with attorneys and investors if the whole business model was going to work. It was time we rigged up the best fishing poll we could and started fishing.

Again, JDM Digital used our rapid prototyping process to design and develop a custom WordPress theme with strong ties to the application GUI. More than just a “pretty site”, the site was built for lead-generation.

LitCap Marketing Website

Behavioral tracking, deep analytics, abandonment analysis, and more, were all poured into each and every page of the site.

Campaign landing pages, registration forms, online ads, press releases, direct mail, events, and good ‘ole fashioned content marketing brought our elusive audience to our door.

Built on Brand Standards

Along the way, it was important that LitCap had a full suite of marketing materials based on stunning and cohesive Brand Standards.

LitCap Brand Standards and Collateral

The design team at JDM Digital produced a full corporate identity suite for LitCap to the delight of their stakeholders.


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