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You don’t have to be an HR guru to understand how important it is to keep your best employees. That’s where Nobscot comes in.  Their SaaS solutions help companies reduce employee turnover by gathering feedback from new and exiting employees.  All they needed was a clear (and cool) way to communicate that value proposition in a crowded HR marketplace.

By the time Nobscot came to JDM Digital, they had already received a design comp in the form of a flat PDF and a series of JPGs from their UK design group, Big Fan.  What they didn’t have is the actual working code to turn those designs into a functioning website.  That was to be our challenge.

Nobscot Screenshot

IE8 or Die

Using the latest CSS3, we could have completed the job in no time.  But there was a catch.  The site had to look and work great on the totally unsupported (and outdated) browser, Internet Explorer 8 (aka IE8) and newer, as well as all modern (good) browsers.  That’s the sort of requirement that makes most web developers’ ears bleed.

After reviewing the Analytics data for Nobscot’s other products, we were surprised to see a large percentage of their user base was, in fact, stuck on IE8, so we reluctantly accepted that as a requirement.

With a combination of jQuery fallbacks and CSS3 polyfills (and a lot of searching on StackOverflow), our development team managed to do exactly as the client demanded.  For the boyish hell of it, the team exceeded their expectations for how modern and seamless the site could be made to look in a browser, so old even Microsoft doesn’t support it anymore.  As a cherry on top, hover over the logo to see the little “Easter egg” we left for them.

Nobscot BrowserStack

A special thanks to BrowserStack, without whom this would have been a near-impossible challenge.

See it for yourself at:


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