RPM Surgical Solutions
Indigo Beam

SPD Track’s web-based tool enables you to affordably and securely streamline your central sterile processing department, organize your instrument sets, increase your visibility into surgical instrument set usage and proactively manage your repairs.

In collaboration with Indigo Beam, JDM Digital designed the application’s frontend user interface (UI).  The UI is responsive, touch-friendly, and features an experimental “push menu” revealed when users click the hamburger menu. Animations are subtle and purposeful, adding to the user experience.

SPD Track Push Menu

The design, color pallet, and tone is meant to invoke both a medical industry feel and the high-tech.

Once the frontend Living Comp was approved and sent to the development team, we were tasked with designing a one-page marketing website for the new application.

SPD Track Marketing Site

We took a lot of design cues from the application as we built-out the site, including using a lot of screenshots.  You don’t have to be a marketing guru to know that seeing is believing.


We're proud of the partner agencies we've forged a relationship with.

Ephor Group
Think Well Consulting
Indigo Beam

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