There are hundreds of press release distribution services available online. A few of JDM PR’s favorites are listed below along with price ranges, pros & cons, and our recommendations.  The following are in order of our most recommended to least, but please make your own determination.  Every online PR campaign is different.

PRweb (

PRwebPRweb is our most commonly recommended PR distribution services.  They have a four tiered pricing model with available release upgrades all along the way.


  • Easy press release formatting wizard (looks sharp too)
  • Wide reach (lots of exposure depending on the distribution type)
  • Great tracking & performance data (pretty dashboard too)
  • Lots of options for targeting your release


  • Even the lowest distribution level is a bit pricey for your everyday press release
  • Editorial review process can be a little slow

TransWorldNews (

TransWorldNews DistributionPRweb is great, but for those everyday releases (like hiring or new client announcements) JDM usually recommends a lower cost distribution tool like TransWorldNews.  With any distribution service, you get what you pay for, but for $50 or so, TransWorldNews is a good buy.

TransWorldNews PROS:

  • Cost-effective (prices run between $50 and $100 for the premium releases)
  • Wide reach (compared to similarly priced services)

TransWorldNews CONS:

  • Tracking information is lacking (though we understand they’ve almost got this fixed)
  • They get a little upset if you link too many things to too many places (or at least they used to)

Direct2Net (from HRmarketer)

Direct2Net from HRmarketerDirect2Net is an online PR service from HRmarketer.  As part of a suite of services included in their flagship product, Direct2Net is less about DIY online PR and more like having a virtual online PR department.  If you’re marketing to the HR space, JDM highly recommends contacting HRmarketer.

Direct2Net PROS:

  • PR Distribution + PR Consulting/Review
  • Strong list of responsive journalists
  • Specializing in marketing to HR

Direct2Net CONS:

  • Specializing in marketing to HR (it’s a CON if you’re not marketing to HR…)

PR Newswire (

PR Newswire DistributionSince 1954, PR Newswire has been the global leader in pioneering this stuff–and in pricing.  They are the original and still the best, but do they really live up to their pricing or is it all just cache’?  You decide.

PR Newswire PROS:

  • Huge reach in traditional and new-age media (like social networks and mobile)
  • Lots of distribution options/packages (perhaps too many)
  • Performance data is great (about as good as PRweb’s)

PR Newswire CONS:

  • Distribution starts at $130 and can quickly head upwards of $1300 per release
  • There’s an annual membership of about $200–even if you don’t send a single release…

Did we miss one? Comment your favorite press release distribution service below.

If you need a little more help, check out our article: “Online PR Best Practices” (no registration required).

SDS Medical, 08/15/2011

PRWeb are real pros. Called me immediately upon receipt of registration to schedule training. There facility seems much more suited for support of integrated video as well.

Thanks as always for your guidance.

Justin Downey, 08/22/2011

Not a problem. That’s what we do.

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