These days, it seems that everybody has some sort of online client portal they want to manage you through.  Currently, I’m maintaining a list of over 350 different usernames and passwords for all the various portals I’m supposed to be using.  Worse, my company has been working on a client portal too.  Et tu, JDM?! 

So rather than bore you with all the features the new portal has, let me just mention my favorite—Auto-Login Links.

That’s right; “Auto-Login Links” allow authorized myJDM users to login without entering a username or password.  Every message, notification or online invoice comes with a special link allowing users to arrive not just at the most relevant page on myJDM, but without even seeing the login screen.

The JDM nerds are all excited about the release, the security, the integration, the navigation—whatever.  I’m just excited that at least my company’s portal is one less password every one of our clients has to remember.

Passwords are so last month!

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