TalentCulture has just published Happy Anniversary TalentCulture #TChat Show!, a 21 article salute celebrating 4 years of their blogging community, #TChat Twitter chats, radio shows, and related world of work content, using our new iPaper technology.

TalentCulture iPaper

Of course, they’re not expecting anyone to read all 21 TalentCulture articles in a single sitting like some sort of all night “world of work” content marathon, but you could.

This is one of the first real-world uses of our new iPapers technology.   As TalentCulture puts it:

“Sure, we could have written a long post with links to all 21 of our selected articles from the last 4 years, but what’s the fun in that? For your viewing pleasure, we’re testing (and having some fun with) a new content delivery technology developed from our friends at fisher VISTA and JDM Digital called iPapers.”

The TalentCulture iPaper sports only the basic features of our new technology, but it’s already getting rave reviews…

“I am digging the polling, embeded video, gesture-sensitivity, and most of all the reading experience of iPapers.” says Kevin Grossman, TalentCulture Cofounder.

“I actually find myself enjoying reading content presented in this new format. I also retain more as I interact with an iPaper.” explains Mark Willaman, Founder of HRmarketer.

We’re happy to hear that guys!

You can check out the new TalentCulture iPaper at talentculture.ipapers.media. Here’s to another 4 years of #TChat. We look forward to reading your next iPaper.

About iPapers

iPapers, a collaboration between fisher VISTA and JDM Digital, are a new content marketing media that offer a more immersive, interactive, and trackable experience for readers than PDF whitepapers and blog articles ever could.

See for yourself in the iPaper Live Demo

About TalentCulture

Think of TalentCulture as a metaphor for the social workplace. Since early 2010, this digital ecosystem has been growing organically – by connecting and engaging professionals who want to understand and shape the “human” side of business.

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