Bootplate is a super fast, mobile-first, Bootstrap v4 theme framework we’ve developed for building fast and responsive WordPress-Powered websites.

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Building even totally custom WordPress themes (as we do) involves a lot of repetition. There are certain templates you just end up re-creating again and again. Worse, you end up using a lot of the same functions helping your new theme play well with WordPress.

The Backstory

The web design nerds around JDM HQ essentially built Bootplate for ourselves to re-use, test and extend.  Once we got it pretty much there, we threw a little party.   After a few too many beers, we decided to offer the master code base up on GitHub (and eventually on for the world to download and use for free.

Was that a great idea?  You tell us.

Bootplate Plugins

The goal in building Bootplate was to keep it simple, fast, and extendable.  The primary way to extend and add functionalities to Bootplate is through the use of plugins.

Some of these plugins were built specifically for Bootplate (and other Bootstrap-based WordPress themes).  Some are just wonderfully-written plugins we’ve already tested and built-in automatic detection and use for you so you don’t have to mess around with so much scary PHP and template files.

Check out some of the already pre-integrated plugins as well as a couple Bootplate-specific plugins that might look interesting to you.

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